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HWT 160 Line

HWT 160 CS

HÜRNER's HWT 160 CS  servo-operated workshop system is the end-to-end transformation of worksite technology into workshop systems.

The system has been developed in compliance with the so-called machinery directive 2006/42/EC as amended and allow making segments, tees, Y pieces and crosspieces in workable dimensions from O.D. 32 (20) through 160 mm | 1" (½") - 6". The welding system is set on a welded or a screwed-fast, heavy-duty, no-warp support frame and the bearings on which move both the horizontally traveling carriage and the heating element and facing tool assembly, are designed as precision-engineered and heavy load-bearing trapeze-shaped guides with precision-matched runner blocks.

It goes without saying that all parameters that are critical for a high-quality and reproducible welded joint are monitored throughout the process and saved to the memory of the system, which can hold up to 10,000 reports. Furthermore, all CNC systems are equipped with a USB interface to enable downloading the welding reports in the PDF format to a USB stick or sending them to the management database in the HÜRNER DataWork Professional format. It is also possible to label a joint immediately for its quality by printing on plastic foil an indelible label tag with the available tag printer that will identify the fitting.

Technical Specs


Technical specsHWT 160 CS
P/N with narrow
aluminium clamping jaws
403-000-000 (metric)
403-000-001 (IPS1))

Machine dimensions (W × H × D)

approx. 1100 × 1200 × 1050 mm
Machine total weight 430 kg
Power supply400 V, 50 Hz, (3 ph., PE)
Machine overall rated power6530 W
Heating element rated power4500 W
Facing tool rated power330 W
Compressed airmin. 6 bar, max. 14 bar (2:4:2)
Temperature range0 °C - 60 °C
Heating element temperaturemax. 280 °C
Operating rangeSegments: 32 (20) - 160 mm | 1" (½") - 6"
Automatic data logging10,000 welding operations
Data downloadUSB ports (USB A) for USB stick and label tag printer
Standards, approvals, qualityMachinery directive 2006/42/EC, DVS 2207-1, WEEE Reg. No. DE 74849106, ISO 9001:2015


1)             under construction





HWT 160 CS
with narrow aluminium clamping jaws

Download PDF







Height adjustable pipe support



Welding Neck Support



Label Tag Printer



Tray for Label Tag Printer



Tool tray

Tool tray w/ rubber mat


Accessory drawer

Drawer for reducers, tools, and accessories, incl. panel for installation


Additional servo-operated Cylinder



Servo cylinder bracket



Replacement Blade, 1 pc



Heavy-duty rollers

4 heavy-duty rollers for easy moving of the machine