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Fluid Media Management System


Fluid Media Management System

This fluid media management system with a programmable control terminal and numerous functional modules ensures highest levels of occupational safety. One control terminal can be used to control several chemical storage cabinets and can be set up with various modules.

In its standard model version, the system allows selecting the components needed for a planned system from the following modules:

Identification module
which makes sure that only authorized persons are given access to the hazardous substances in question. In active storage mode, the media are released only subsequent to proper identification. This is implemented in the form of the input of a programmable PIN. The identification can also be implemented, upon request, with transponder keys or biometrical readers.

Air extraction monitoring module
which monitors the air extractions and triggers alarms as appropriate. The air extraction has to be always operating on cabinets that can go into active storage mode. When it is, it must constantly verify that there is a flow of extracted air and must alert to the problem whenever the airflow should fail. The air extraction monitoring module is a way to comply with this requirement, i.e. when extraction airflow fails, an alarm is triggered and a signal is sent, e.g., to the control center.

Dosing module
which enables exact filling. The dosing module turns the release of very small quantities of fluid media from large storage units into a process that it just as easy as it is safe. The ideal add-on to a COMPLEX Line drum station, there is the possibility, besides dosing, to ensure continuous analyses of consumed and remaining quantities.

Level sensing module
which alerts to the risk of overflowing storage units. The level sensor drastically reduces any risk of bringing too much media into a storage unit, and the safety of both the user and the environment increases accordingly. The level sensing module is the part that completes the perfect solution, DISPOSAL Line. Combining the DISPOSAL Line and the COMPLEX Line brings you the ideal preconditions to ensure easy and safe media management.

Door opening module
which opens the door when switched on at the keypad. When the command was entered and confirmed, an audible signal alerts the user to the door being opened. The control by compressed air does not have any electrical or electronic component, which makes it perfectly suited for explosive atmospheres.

Door locking module
which enables pairing door locking and door unlocking to user identification, thereby restricting access to the fluid media to those persons authorized to use them. In other words, access control for personnel can extend to the access to the chemical storage cabinets.