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Modular Protection System



Modular Protection System

Protect your chemical storage cabinet against unauthorized access, using the Modular Protection System (MPS). This system enables you to physically control the access to resources or hazardous substances in a state-of-the-art approach.

The identification ensures that only authorized persons are given access to the hazardous substances in question. This is implemented in the form of programmable PINs read from a transponder card by RFID technology. The identification can then be paired to the locking or the unlocking of the door of the cabinet. This means that the authorizations of personnel can extend to the storage cabinets as well.

The MPS is an important module to comply with increasingly tight requirements in terms of risk assessment as related to access control. In practical implementation, this may mean for you that work instructions providing for the safe and controlled use of hazardous substances can allow less complex routines, as, e.g., TRGS 526.

A functionality the MPS provides is the possibility to automatically close the door. This means that the cabinet takes care of door closing after the door was manually opened.