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Datawork Professional

HÜRNER's database management application DataWork Professional enables secure, quick, and professional digital management of all electrofusion, hydraulic butt-welding, and infrared welding data. The application records welding data via Bluetooth using the HÜRNER WeldTrace app or via a USB stick and manages all relevant welding parameters and traceability data in line with international standards. DataWork Professional features extensive management and search functionalities and, on top of that, novel computation functions for project-wise analysis. Welding data can be exported to other formats (Adobe PDF, MS Excel, etc.). With an integrated search functionality by QR code, HÜRNER DataWork Professional also offers project tracing by its data years after a job was completed.


Minimum requirements

Operating systemMicrosoft® Windows® 7 or later
CPU1.6 GHz or faster (Dual Core)
RAM4 GB or more
Free hard disk1 GB available on disk
Screen resolution1280 x 768 pixels
BrowserGoogle Chrome™ or equivalent


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DataWork Professional 2021.4.5

File size 107 MB, executable (.exe) in the zip file

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WeldTrace App

HÜRNER's WeldTrace app is quicker, easier, more secure, when it comes to HÜRNER electrofusion and butt-welding systems. HÜRNER WeldTrace is an app that allows convenient and direct transfer of all your welding data via Bluetooth in the Adobe PDF or the HÜRNER DataWork format. It means easy and uncomplicated recording, management, and storage of your project and welding process data. Downloaded/saved data will be transferred by e-mail or another service running on your mobile terminal device, your company's server or workstation computer. For your welding and project information should be accessible for you only and banned from any unauthorized access.

The records include, of course, not only the welding process data proper, but also the required traceability data, such as welder ID code, job/commission number, additional data, etc., even any recorded GPS information. This holds for both HÜRNER's electrofusion welders HST 300 Print+ 2.0, HST 300 Pricon 2.0, and HCU 300 and the butt-welding systems CNC ECO 2.0 and CNC ECO+ 2.0.

Along with standard data transfer via Bluetooth, the app offers QR code label scanning as an implemented feature, which is also matched to the enhanced capabilities of HÜRNER's data base application DataWork Professional. They will allow tracing project information years after the fact at the simple touch of a button.



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Prospekt: HÜRNER WeldTrace App

HÜRNER WeldTrace app

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