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Manufacture, QC

HÜRNER Schweisstechnik, that's “Made in Germany.” Machines and systems in our portfolio are developed and manufactured end-to-end at the site of our headquarters at Mücke, Germany. Logistics and customer service, too, are centrally managed from our headquarters. Manufacturing processes are backed up with an end-to-end quality control scheme that extends to all departments in the company.

Since 1998, we have been certified under DIN ISO 9001 and cooperate closely with quality house TÜV Management Service Süd.


Our staff fully endorse this system; they think and act quality! Any questions you may have on our quality management will be gladly answered by:


if questions on manufacturing:

Christian Walther
Ph +49 6401 9127 44
Fx +49 6401 9127 39

if questions on quality control:

Timo Schreiner
Ph +49 6401 9127 21
Fx +49 6401 9127 90