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Electrofusion Accessories


To make the electrofusion welder universally useful, easily changed welding terminal adapters are a must. They enable welding electrofusion fittings of all makes as well as professional establishment of the contact in large-size pipe grids.


Type FF flat
Type FF flat216-010-070
Type FF round 4.0 mm
Type FF round 4.0 mm216-010-080
4.0 mm × 4.7 mm
4.0 mm × 4.7 mm216-010-630
Type FF pin
Type FF pin216-010-400
4.7 mm × 4.7 mm
4.7 mm × 4.7 mm216-010-580
Type COOL-FIT 4.0 mm
Type COOL-FIT 4.0mm216-010-084
Connection Terminal 4.7 mm
Connection terminal 4.7 mm216-023-430
Connection Terminal 4.0 mm
Connection terminal 4.0 mm217-010-061
GF Pinch-in Adapter 4.7 mm
GF pinch-in adapter 4.7 mm216-010-404
HP Pinch-in Adapter 6.0 mm
HP pinch-in adapter 6.0 mm216-010-405
Connection Terminal 6.0 mm
Connection terminal 6.0 mm217-010-064

Miscellaneous Accessories

Professional accessories for professional electrofusion.


Adapter Bag
Adapter bag216-030-310
Cleaning Towels
Cleaning towels216-100-103
PE Cleaning Fluid by AHK
PE cleaning fluid by AHK219-300-007
Marker Pen
Marker pen216-100-300
Aluminum Transport Case
Aluminum transport case200-216-002
Handheld Barcode Scanner
Scanner RS 232 for HST 300 2.0
Scanner, version WE
ISO Welder ID Code
ISO welder ID code card
RFID code card