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HÜRNER is your knowledgeable partner for the automation of your manufacturing processes in the field of plastic jointing. Our production systems are your entry into a world of highly efficient manufacture of products achieving a consistent level of quality with end-to-end traceability and documentation of the process. Experience has also shown that, furthermore, a large share of the time you would otherwise expend for handling individual pieces and reconfiguring the set-up can be done away with when using our systems.

Our large portfolio includes both systems made for the production with short cycle times of tens or even hundreds of thousands of units a year and highly configurable technology for the manufacture of unique pieces and small batches per client specifications. Our systems are key for your on-demand and lean manufacturing processes, as championed in an Industry 4.0 approach.

It is our pleasure to join forces with you for the elaboration of your custom-tailored solution fully in line with the specifications of the components required to be produced and in production environment in which to integrate it efficiently.

Automatic manifold production

Fully automatic, process-controlled robotic system from HÜRNER for welding manifolds and 24/7 productions.

Project 7

Project 7 is an engineering feat by which HÜRNER Schweisstechnik has achieved nothing less than a revolution in the manufacture of complex pipeline elements using the butt-welding process. Its result is one single, fully automated cycle for the production of lengths of pipe jointed at any required angle as well as Tees and crosspieces up to O.D. 630 mm, SDR 11 (SDR 9). The system achieves a precision and a process reliability unheard-of to date.

The fundamental novelty of it all is that the system is capable of making angled segments and branch-offs with reproducible precision, whatever the order of appearance, without requiring manual reconfiguration or adjustment of the production set-up. This is the very basis of the possibility to produce complex pipeline elements in a networked, on-demand, and lean approach, i.e, in short, Industry 4.0.

Pipeline Elements with Thin Wall

This system built on the Project 7 technology represents a solution for the highly automated and flexible manufacture of pipeline elements with a thin wall, as used for instance as protective outer conduits installed in geothermal applications. The system is capable of processing elements of up to O.D. 315 mm with a wall thickness of just a few millimeters, with utmost precision and true to the dimension. It is furthermore possible to manufacture lengths of outer conduit of any kind, including those with precision-machined cut-outs for branch-offs.

Various Pipeline Elements for Wastewater Conveyance

Pipes cut precise to the millimeter per client’s specification, using novel cutting and facing technologies, for batches from 1 unit, including, as needed, with outside bead or bevel/miter-cut (inside/outside) are also part of the large range of production applications for which our systems offer automated processing. Of course, all their capacities can be combined into one system, in order to allow the manufacture of complex pipeline elements in a fully automated way.