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Filter Units



Filter Units with Fan

This filter with fan provides positive extraction and monitoring of chemical storage cabinets, in the form of almost 100% decontamination of the extracted air by molecular adsorption filtering of harmful solvent vapors (hydrocarbons). The filter operation means optimum protection for the user. As a consequence, no additional air extraction outlet is needed, which, in turn, allows the filter unit to be operated immediately next to, or on top of, the storage cabinet. The decontaminated air is released into the ambient air, thereby not consuming any heated or air-conditioned air from the room. A sensor monitors the extraction airflow and triggers a visual and audible alarm when no airflow above the set threshold is detected. The enclosure is made of silver pearl glimmer, powder-coated sheet steel. As an air extraction system, it as of today complies with “green lab” requirements, while offering you full flexibility of position. The multi-stage, grounded filtering system offers dual safety, being composed of:

  • Activated carbon filter with twice as much activated carbon — for up to 100% decontamination
  • Additionally a DIN EN 779-compliant particulate filter

The filter alert appliance can be set at the differential pressure meter/switch. The filter elements themselves and the filter enclosure lid are monitored by ATEX-compliant micro-switches. The three-month check and replace interval of the activated carbon filter is verified by a check report the user has to confirm which is paired to a scheduler. The product ships ready for plug-in.

Technical Specs


P/N 500-100...-109
Dimensions530 x 275 x 420 mm
Rubber sleeve75 mm
Volumetric flow0 - 37 m³/h
Rounds per minute0 - 2820 1/min
Power supply230 V, 50 Hz
Current input0,1 A
Sound pressure level LpA34 - 56 db (A)
ApprovalDIN EN 14986-compliant fan
ATEX-compliant under Dir. 2014/34/EU and Type Certificate issued by TÜV Süd
continued control pursuant to DIN EN 1946-7
complies with requirements in TRGS 510 Appx 3, BGV A 1, BGR 132 and TRBS 2153.