New HÜRNER Pipe Scraper size 1.5 / 250



New HÜRNER Pipe Scraper for Pipe Ends, size 1.5 / 250, for worktime-aware, professional preparation of the area to be welded in electrofusion fitting applications, for component sizes 63 - 250 mm.
A quality joint does not only require worksite-proven welding systems, but also proper pipe preparation and the right tools. HÜRNER’s pipe scrapers ensure reliable removal of oxide layers on PE pipes and are easy to use with minimum effort. The spring-loaded blade and the automatic feed mechanism enable continuous adaptation to oval pipe shapes and tolerances, which in turn is the basis for a consistent cut all around the pipe. The high-spec, multiple-edge peeling/scraping blade made of hardened metal is the reason for the exceptional product longevity. All HÜRNER pipe scrapers ship in a worksite-proven steel case.




Scraper for pipe ends incl. transport case and tools

Scraper for pipe ends size 1 / 160
O.D. 32 - 160 mm
Scraper for pipe ends size 1.5 / 250
O.D. 63 - 250 mm
Scraper for pipe ends size 2 / 500
O.D. 110 - 500 mm
Replacement blade
size 1, size 1.5, size 2