Ensuring or restoring HÜRNER Welding Systems to operation readiness and operation safety is one of the most prominent tasks of our Service Department.
Following our “Short Way to Service” principle, we make a point of providing maintenance and service for your welding systems as fast as possible, on the domestic market with our HÜRNER DirectService, abroad with authorized service centers in more than 40 countries.

We do not only recommend that you have your welding systems serviced on a regular basis, we're also there to consult you and do it for you.

Whether you need maintenance or troubleshooting operations, or a customization of your units, you will always get the appropriate answers from us. Our powerful service team provides you with a full range of services for electrofusion units, butt-welding machines, accessories, software, and much more. Feel free to get in touch with the contacts below. In the rare event that they are unable to help you immediately, they will put you in contact with the department that is.

On-demand Systems

Mark Wagner


Ph +49 6401 9127 - 30

Fx +49 6401 9127 - 39

Butt-welding Systems

Uwe Seibert

Industrial Supervisor

Ph +49 6401 9127 - 47

Fx +49 6401 9127 - 85

After-Sales-Service / Training

Lars Appel

Ph: +49 6401 9127 - 45
Fx: +49 6401 9127 - 90