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WhiteLine WeldControl EF

HÜRNER WhiteLine WeldControl EF

Calling HÜRNER‘s WeldControl EF a true revolution of welding technologies is by no means an exaggeration: it is the first welding system in the world to allow both jointing two PE components using an ef-fitting for welding and a joint of two PE components by the butt-welding process, and it does so without trading in any of the well-known characteristics of HÜRNER systems: small and compact, adding the maximum possible suitability for construction sites.

This result of engineering excellence is achieved by incorporating the electrofusion control system in the hydraulics enclosure using a micro-controller layout HÜRNER has developed from scratch to this very end. Accordingly, the hydraulic and control unit works, on the one hand, as the HÜRNER WeldControl that users have come to appreciate for walking them semi-automatically through the butt-welding process, including all the bells and whistles, e. g., ISO-compliant recording etc. As an addition, simply connecting the welding cable makes the machine switch from butt welding to the electrofusion mode, EF. The machine practically turns itself into an electrofusion welder, i. e., lets you connect the welding cable to the terminals of the ef-fitting, read the fitting bar code with a scanner, and start the welding process.


Automatic data logging
10,000 welding operations

Data input
WeldControl mode:
All inputs, such as pipe parameters, wall thickness, SDR, traceability data, with novel GT kepad
Electrofusion (EF) mode:
Bar code scanner, manual input of fitting code as numerical sequence or of welding time and voltage; Auto ID (optional)

System self-monitoring
System check, computerized maintenance management, including recording

Welding monitoring system
WeldControl mode:
Welding pressures, welding times, ambient temperature, memory control, operating temperature, heating element temperature, service schedule management
Electrofusion (EF) mode:
Welding voltage, resistance, welding current, established contact, short-circuit, ambient temperature, input frequency and voltage, memory control, operating temperature, service schedule management

Standard-compliant ISO 12176 traceability
Commission number with 32 alphanumeric characters, ISO-compliant welder ID code, HÜRNER welder ID code, 1st additional (user-defined) data with 20 alphanumeric characters 2nd additional (user-defined) data with 15 alphanumeric characters, ISO-compliant traceability: fitting code, 1st and 2nd pipe codes, pipe length, weather conditions, joint number, installing company, inventory number

Welding standard
DVS, WIS, SEDIGAS, UNI, NEN, and others upon request

Data output
USB port for data transfer as short abstract or extended report in the PDF format to a USB stick or a label tag printer, incl. tag printer menu; transfer also possible in the HÜRNER DataWork format, with powerful download menu with date range selection, commission number selection, and download of all reports in memory

Unique “two-in-one” welding system: butt-welding and electrofusion technology integrated with each other
Hydraulic and control unit with added electrofusion control system, but still compact system ready for the harsh worksite environment

Hydraulic and control unit
Only one external power supply needed—power to all electronic components is supplied from the hydraulic unit; automatic heating element temperature control pursuant to national standards; hydraulic unit in encased, rugged steel enclosure with a weight of as little as 29.5 kg (up to O.D. 355 mm); max. pressure, up to O.D. 355 mm, 130 bar

DE, EN, FR, BG, CS, ZH, NL, FI, GR, IT, NO, RO, SK, TR, RU, and others upon request

Technical Specs


Dimension160 mm200 mm250 mm315 mm355 mm
P/N 200-705-…-160-200-250-315


Electrofusion (EF) mode     
Operating range, O.D.up to 355 mmup to 355 mmup to 355 mmup to 355 mmup to 355 mm

Data input e-fitting

  • Bar code scanner
  • Manually (numeric code or voltage, time)
  • optional Auto ID
Electrofusion monitoring system
Output voltage8 - 48 V8 - 48 V8 - 48 V8 - 48 V8 - 48 V
Standard-compliant ISO 12176 traceability
WeldControl mode     
Operating range, O.D.40 - 160 mm63 - 200 mm(63) 75 - 250 mm90 - 315 mm90 - 355 mm
Standard-compliant ISO 12176 traceability

Welding monitoring system

  • Welding pressures
  • Welding times
  • Ambient temperature
  • Memory Control
  • Operating etemperature
  • Heating element temperature
Reducer inserts40 - 14063 - 180(63), 75 - 22590 - 28090 - 315




Label Tag Printer

200-230-050Label tag printer set into a steel transport case, w/ USB communication cable and power supply  


Welding neck support

O.D. 160, 40 - 160 mm
O.D. 200, 63 - 200 mm
O.D. 250, 63 - 250 mm
O.D. 315, 90 - 315 mm
O.D. 355, 90 - 355 mm


Jumping Hot Plate - automated heating plate remover

O.D. 160
O.D. 250
O.D. 315
O.D. 355


Set of aluminum reducers

160 (D 40 - D 140)
250 (D 75 - D 225)
315 (D 90 - D 280)
355 (D 90 - D 315)


Set of steel reducers

160 (D 40 - 140)
200 (D 63 - 180)
250 (D 75 - 225)
315 (D 90 - 280)
355 (D 90 - 315)


Set of adapters-reducers

Reducer inserts D355 mm (HÜRNER) - D250 mm (Widos),
contains 8 pcs. Widos adapter


WeldTrace app - to the software

000-900-100WeldTrace app – direct download of welding data via Bluetooth in the Adobe PDF format or HÜRNER DataWork format  


DataWork Professional - to the software

216-080-550DataWork Professional Software – the comprehensive solution to manage all welding data  


Transport case (incl. storage compartments for reducers)

Transport case 160
Transport case 200
Transport case 250
Transport case 315
Transport case 355


ISO welder ID code

RFID code card