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Bead Management

Bead Management

External Bead Remover
External Bead Remover 75 - 400 mm219-000-031
Replacement blade for 75 - 400 mm219-000-032
Internal Bead Remover

HÜRNER Internal Bead Remover 300 (I.D. 160 - 300mm), incl. available drive rods
for reliable removal of the bead at the joint of PE and PP pipes, for internal pipe sizes of 160 - 300 mm.

Included in the shipment are one cutting head, one variably adjustable spacer, 6 lengths of drive rod of 2.00 m each, 1 length of drive rod of 0.50 m (total length 12.50 m), and a flexibly adjustable Tee handle rod, for utmost flexibility in the cutting process.
By adding more, optionally available 2.00 m drive rods, the drive mechanism can be extended as desired.

Optionally available is also a wireless camera system set onto the very cutting head. HÜRNER’s internal bead remover ships in a robust wooden transport box, the drive rods, in a carrying bag, and the cutting head with accessories, in a sheet steel box with foam tray inset, for daily use on the construction site.


HÜRNER Internal bead remover 300 (I.D. 160 - 300 mm), incl. drive rod223-000-000
Accessories optional 
Extension pipe 2.00 m223-052-301
Connector-Plug, Set (1 unit per additional rod) 223-052-000
Wireless camera assembly which can be fastened on top of the drive rods, in front of the cutting head, incl. fasteners and lighting223-060-000
Spare blade I.D. 160-300 mm219-000-054





HÜRNER Internal Bead Remover 300

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