Air Extractor without Fan

Easy airflow monitoring of chemical storage cabinets. A sensor monitors the extraction airflow and triggers a visual and audible alarm when no airflow above the set threshold is detected. The air monitoring unit fan ships preassembled to be installed immediately on top of the storage cabinet. The alarm threshold for the airflow velocity is factory-set, but can be customized at the pressure offset meter. The enclosure is made of silver pearl glimmer, powder-coated sheet steel. The airflow sensor monitors the actual extraction velocity and the entire extraction system of the storage cabinet. Both the volumetric flow and the power supply are sensed by a microcontroller unit. When airflow velocity drops below the set threshold, visual and audible alarms are set off. The system ships with two potential-free (“dry”) contacts (24 V/2 A) that can be used to send an alarm signal to the control center. An integrated battery cuts in in case of power supply failure and the monitoring system and the display, including error messaging, can run on it for 4 hours. The product ships ready for plug-in.

Width 210 mm
Depth 210 mm
Height 215 mm
Rubber sleeve 75 mm
Voltage/frequency 230 V, 50 Hz
Power input 0.1 A
ATEX-compliant under Dir. 94/9/EC and Type Certificate issued by TÜV Süd; continued control pursuant to DIN EN 1946-7
Part Number 500-100-106