Air Extraction Monitors

It has been and will continue to be HÜRNER’s strategy to enter into partnerships for development with leading players of a given industry.
One of these alliances, which was entered into more then 10 years ago, has resulted in the development of a successful, TÜV-certified product line.

Besides very simple positive extraction boxes and fluid-mechanical monitoring systems, an ATEX-compliant filtered air extraction unit was developed as a first in 2009. This filtering and extraction system, which is used to positively extract the air from, and monitor the state, of storage cabinets for hazardous substances, achieves an almost 100% filtering of harmful solvent vapors (hydrocarbons) by molecular adsorption. The filter operation means optimum protection for the user. As a consequence, no additional air extraction outlet is needed, which, in turn, allows the filter unit to be operated immediately next to, or on top of, the storage cabinet. The decontaminated air is released into the ambient air, thereby not consuming any heated or air-conditioned air from the room.

This revolutionary innovation was nominated by an independent board of renowned university professors from all over Germany for the Innovations Award granted by laboratory science journal, GIT. This nomination saw the HÜRNER filtering and extraction unit distinguish itself from 50 competitive products in the category Laboratory Equipment & Facilities. The filtering system made an impact on the board by its innovative technology, TÜV approval, and ATEX compliance. As an air extraction system, it as of today complies with “green lab” requirements.

More recent developments include a protection system of modular design that identifies users and a BUS-ready touchscreen system for laboratory management ensuring optimum fluid media control. Of course, these systems, too, are TÜV-approved and have a TÜV Type Certificate.