The Next Generation -

HÜRNER WhiteLine

HST 300 Pricon 2.0




The Next Generation -
HÜRNER WhiteLine HST 300 Pricon 2.0

A concentrate of 40 years of experience -

HÜRNER’s new HST 300 Pricon 2.0


An innovative, partly internal, partly external cooling system lined up with an inverter design that makes the future happen today are at the heart of what allows using HÜRNER’s HST 300 Pricon 2.0 without restrictions for welding operation after welding operation with fittings sized 1600 mm and larger, at most compact dimensions and a weight of only 10.9 kg.

A redesigned, ergonomically optimized handle enables convenient carrying of the welder even when the location of the worksite is challenging.

It goes without saying that the welder offers the advantage for user-friendly operation all members of the HST 300 product family have: an enclosure in which the back doubles as a “second bottom,” on which the welder can be set to enable long working days with minimum physical strain on the worker.

An integrated GPS receiver in the standard delivery along with Bluetooth just as integrated in all HST 300 Pricon 2.0 are all it takes to take full advantage of a total of 20,000 welding reports the unit can record.

Another plus of the HST 300 Pricon 2.0 is a powerful data download menu that enables transferring all or a finely tuned selection of welding reports, as an extended or abstracted PDF report, as a QR tag sent to the optional printer or in the DataWork 2.0 format or as a CSV file for processing on a PC.

Add to all the above the new HÜRNER WeldTrace app’s QR code scanning capability, and comprehensive end-to-end tracing of all project and welding information is a given even years after the fact.

A novel, LED-enhanced GT keypad is provided for convenient input of all required parameters. Animated keys as visual controls aid welding process monitoring.

The new, high-resolution, temperature range‑extended character display screen working in the gray‑mode is equipped with ViewWeld report-viewing capabilities even in the standard delivery.

Of course, the delivery can include as an option a high-quality, rugged aluminum transport box or a dedicated flight case for peace of mind when storing and transporting the HST 300 Pricon 2.0 welder.

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