HÜRNER Schweisstechnik GmbH a Member of DVS





HÜRNER Schweisstechnik GmbH a Member of DVS,

Germany's Federation for Welding and Associated


Since November 2017, HÜRNER has been a member

of DVS.

Unrivaled experience built in more than 40 years as the

market leader in plastic pipe jointing technologies and

equipment, itself based on the years-long

generation of know-how and technical know-why by

top-edge development teams, will be available to

DVS as of now and in the future.

HÜRNER Schweisstechnik's innovative developments

are pushing the benchmarks for efficiency and


DVS brings together specialists from the industry, crafts and

trades, research, science, training, and service, in order

for all to join forces for a common goal: jointing

technologies turned towards and ready for the future.

Setting standards means, within DVS, relying on close

cooperation among research, technical, and vocational training

players. Anything elaborated and/or agreed on in one of these

areas automatically makes it into the discussions and fact-finding

efforts of the others.

DVS actively participates in the effort when new processes

are being researched, and it stimulates developments by its

own research efforts. It is the point of contact when it comes

to improving existing jointing processes.

Successful networking, bringing together

scientists and researchers, manufacturers and users,

vocational and academic students, craftspersons,

corporate representatives, partnering pressure groups, and

organizations, makes for making technical competencies

and interests converge inside DVS. “DVS,” then, is

also interpreted as the German equivalent of the phrase The

Specialists of Jointing.

HÜRNER – better welding!