HÜRNER Schweistechnik Distinguished as a Top-Edge Innovator


For more than 20 years, Germany has had a mark for innovation excellence, drive for knowledge,
and team spirit: the “Top 100” Label. Behind the label, you will find the Lake of Constance-based compamedia agency, which supports and distinguishes, based on university partners’ analysis, small and medium enterprises that stand out in respect of innovation, HR management, consulting, and corporate governance. For the Top 100 Innovator Label, the challenging selection process is carried out by professor Nikolaus Franke and his team at U of Economy of Vienna’s Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The critical areas that are examined are innovation management and innovative success, or as professor Franke puts it: “The ‘Top 100’ manage outstandingly to turn their ideas into successfully marketed products. That’s the challenge many other companies are unable to take on with the hoped-for outcome. The Top Innovators get behind this job and master it by expressive team spirit, efficient processes, and more often than not early-on consultation with customers and partners in the development process.“ Yesterday, Friday, night, HÜRNER Schweisstechnik’s Management, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lenz and Dipl.-Phys. Heinz Ladstätter, were handed the award by well-known German technology and science TV anchor, Mr Rangar Yogeshwar, who appears as the “Top 100” mentor.

This year’s Top 100 include 65 national and even 21 world markets leaders. All Top Innovators combined stand for just short of 2,100 national and international patents in the last three years and make an average 41.6 percent of their turn-over on introductions to market and innovative improvements. As a comparison: the average for all small and medium businesses in Germany is only 6.8 percent for this indicator.

HÜRNER Schweisstechnik was awarded the distinction mainly because of its clear policy of portfolio extension and innovation. To quote one evaluation, “Whoever is able to broaden their product portfolio to that extent in such a short period of time, must have ideas that hit the bull’s eye.”

“Our customers are our focus. They set the stimuli for our innovation process, sometimes consciously, sometimes without knowing it,” says General Manager, Mr Michael Lenz. “Furthermore, we benefit from the fact that that we have been able to have the large majority of key roles in development and management filled by ‘home-grown’ staff and plan to go on doing so.”

For Michael Lenz and Heinz Ladstätter the success in the “Top 100” program is as well a recompense as an incentive. “The ‘Top 100’ Label is a mark for innovation, and it stands for successful teamwork. That’s why we celebrate a distinction that is in line with how we see ourselves: we are a team always ready for innovation that does not only have good ideas, but is just as capable of bringing them to market. Sometimes it’s powerfully and dynamically, sometimes it’s with endurance and refusing to give up. In all the time we have existed we have had things in the pipeline, currently too, of course. And come the end of this year, we may well have come up with yet another idea or three for future improvements and developments.”